Composite Fillings in Deltona, Florida

Composite fillings are white bonded restorations that can replace missing tooth structure and look like your own natural teeth. Dr. Zerivitz in Deltona prides himself with providing his patients with the latest materials that not only offer durability, but also high esthetics.

Thirty years ago, our filling materials were limited to gold, amalgam (mercury fillings) and a silicate material that would stain or wash out within 1-2 years. Now, we are using the advanced composite materials that offer both fracture resistance as well as natural translucency along with multiple shades to perfectly match your own teeth. Tooth Bonding allows us to etch the surface of your tooth and bond directly to either the dentin or enamel to offer more conservative treatments than in the past.

Using our digital x-rays, we are able to identify early stage cavities forming and treatment them with what is referred to as minimally invasive procedures. Keeping your fillings small not only preserves tooth structure but also increases the life-span of the fillings because they are not subjected to as many chewing forces or internal stresses. Using magnification loupes allows Dr. Zerivitz to make sure the cavity removal stays small and we preserve tooth structure.

The use of mercury containing fillings has dropped dramatically in the past twenty years and most people are having these fillings removed from their teeth since they leak mercury into the body. The question of their safety has been a topic of discussion for the past thirty years. Most fillings placed today are of the composite variety. The European Union banned the use of mercury-silver amalgam fillings in 2018 and now this trend is putting pressure on dental insurance companies that push these cheaper silver-mercury amalgam fillings as a way to “save money”.

Aside from the toxicity of mercury, there is also the factor of expansion that the metal-type fillings encounter. They increase in size and contract differently than natural tooth structure when exposed to hot or cold liquids or chewing stresses and this creates “gaps” or fractures in the teeth. So, while they may look solid on the top, inside the tooth often has fractures and micro-leakage occurring.

We offer our patients the same quality care that we offer to our own family. 

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