Crowns and Bridges in Deltona, FL

At Deltona Smiles Dentistry in Florida, Dr. Michael Zerivitz provides dental crowns to patients who have lost tooth structure that won’t allow a tooth to have another filling. Often, after a root canal, there is significant tooth structure lost as well and that might indicate the need for a crown.

What is a Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a covering that protect the tooth, restoring the chewing function and esthetics back. It is typically made of porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two. Bonded zirconium crowns are quickly becoming very popular due to their esthetics and lack of nickel or other metals under that crown structure from years ago. In addition, these can be bonded as opposed to being cemented which tends to create a stronger seal around the tooth.

What is a Dental Bridge? 

When you are missing a tooth, one option is to place a crown on the adjacent teeth and “bridge the gap” with another crown, also called a pontic. This is a simple way to replace a tooth. Options for a bridge include doing a partial denture, or a dental implant. The advantage or doing a partial denture is that it does not require much, if any drilling. An impression is made of the area and a plastic or metal supported retainer that is removable is made. The advantage of doing an implant is that you don’t need to drill down the adjacent teeth.

If you currently have crowns on the adjacent teeth that need replacing, then doing a bridge between them connecting those crowns may make better sense. There are cost differences between the different options. Give our office a call to schedule a consultation if you’d like to hear more about crowns or bridges!