Dental Crowns and Movie Stars

Movie Stars are famous for having their teeth “capped.”  It’s fun to go online to look at today’s big stars and compare their look today to pictures of their smiles when they were young and had not yet made it big.  In today’s world, that perfect smile is a prerequisite to being socially accepted and a sign that you are attractive and successful. 


Do you have to be a big star to have a perfect smile? Of course not!  There are thousands of happy patients right here in Deltona, DeBary, Orange City, Deland and Volusia County that have beautiful smiles as a result of Dr. Z’s care.


Dr. Zerivitz speaks from personal experience.  Most of his molars have crowns placed as a result of cavities he had as a youth. His childhood dentist had to fill his molars with large silver fillings when Dr. Z was a teenager. When he became a dentist, Dr. Z knew that those old silver fillings would not last, so he made the wise decision to place long-lasting and problem-free crowns in your mouth. 


Do you have large silver fillings in your mouth?  That is one of the important reasons that teeth need crowns.  We know that silver fillings wear out, discolor, and break over time.  Silver amalgam contains mercury and some studies show that having mercury in your mouth can be problematic for your general health.   Crowns are very strong, beautiful, and preserve your teeth.


Here are some more reasons that you may need a crown:


Discolored composite fillings.  Just like silver fillings can wear out, so can white composite fillings.  If you drink lots of coffee or tea, smoke, or get behind on your regular dental cleanings, then your “white” fillings can get yellow and wear out faster.  Once your front teeth are full of composite, then it becomes had fro a dentist to fill and re-fill again.  The answer is typically a porcelain dental crown to restore the strength and beauty of your smile.


Crooked front teeth.  Yes, you can fix a crooked smile with crowns.  If you have a tooth that is crooked or out of position, a dental crown can help to bring it back into the proper position in your smile line.  It is amazing how quickly your smile can improve and your bite can feel better when you correct your crooked smile.


Smile Make-over.  Ready for a smile that lights up the room when you walk in?  Dr. Zerivitz is an expert at creating beautiful new smiles.  By combining his talent as an artist, with all of the modern techniques and materials available today, he can craft that smile that you have always dreamed about having. Don’t you deserve to look great? Won’t you feel more confident and happier with a winning smile? Of course, you will!! 

Contact Dr. Zerivitz at Deltona Smiles Dentistry and learn what we can do for you.  You won’t regret it.