Dental Implants in Deltona, Florida

At Deltona Smiles Dentistry in Florida, losing a tooth doesn’t have to be traumatic. While we certainly appreciate that no one wants to lose a tooth, it’s nice to know that our local dentist, Dr. Michael Zerivitz will be able to assist you in having a new tooth to replace a missing one easily and comfortably.

A Bridge as an Alternatives to a Dental Implant

When a tooth is lost, if no tooth replacement is done, the adjacent teeth and the opposing teeth can begin to drift into the place where the tooth was. If a tooth doesn’t have an opposing tooth, it can “super-erupt”. This can cause pockets to form and bone to be lost around these teeth. By making sure a chewing tooth is replaced, we can not only help to maintain the position of the teeth but also the function and the esthetics.

In the past, a three-unit bridge was placed commonly when a front or side tooth was lost. This involved grinding down the adjacent teeth and placing a crown over them along with a middle porcelain “tooth” to fill in that space. With the introduction of dental implants over 40 years ago, we now have proven technology and system that can help you restore a missing tooth without turning a “one tooth problem” into a “three-tooth problem”. A dental implant will be as close to your natural lookfunction, and feel in your mouth as a natural tooth is. Most of our patients forget they even have an implant there after a few months!

The Process of Getting a Dental Implant

We carefully examine the bone height, the thickness of the ridge, the opposing bite, and the adjacent teeth when determining if you are a candidate for a dental implant. Dr. Z works closely with a local surgeon who places the root implant fixture into the bone in the precise location needed so he can go in after a few months to restore the implant fixture with a new crown once the fixture has integrated.

The process has gotten to the point that it is almost routine to do implants these days. The predictability and the consistent, reliable results will impress you.  It is now becoming the standard of care option for the replacement of missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Deltona, Florida

In addition to doing single tooth replacement, we can also use implants to help stabilize a denture. Typically, a denture will rest on the soft gum tissue and rely on the bony support and the tongue and cheeks for helping to keep it in place. If there is excess tissue or lack of bone in the ridge, the denture could be less than ideally stable for comfortable chewing.

What is an Implant-Supported Denture?

There are two methods we use to do this. The first is having “LOCATORS” placed into the denture which then snap onto the top of the implants, giving a very stable bite, especially when there are four or more implants the denture is resting upon. The advantage of implant-supported dentures is that they are removable and easy to clean and maintain. The challenge for some patients is that especially on the upper, unless a metal framework is put into the denture, you will need the support of the palate to keep it strong. Many people appreciate NOT having acrylic on their palate for it can block some of the taste buds in the palate and also potentially gag you, or be a food trap. With a metal frame in the denture, you can remove the middle section, allowing for a more comfortable feeling appliance.

Many people find the second option of having a “fixed” appliance as being more preferable. This means the denture is screwed onto the implants and does not come out of their mouth. This is the most comfortable, most stable, and provides the optimal chewing function our patients enjoy. It will typically have a thicker metal substructure which again, allows a dentist to remove the cross-palate acrylic on the roof of their mouth. This type of hybrid denture is very popular as it looks and feels very close to your natural teeth.

The ultimate implant program would be to replace each individual tooth with an individual implant fixture (root) and an individual crown. While this would be the most desirable way to go, as it’s like having all your natural teeth back, it can potentially be a rather expensive way to go.

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