Dental Sealants in Deltona, Florida

At Deltona Smiles Dentistry, in Deltona FL, we encourage our younger patients to get dental sealants on their teeth.  Sealants are a great way to prevent cavities because the sealants fill in those grooves on the tops of the molars that trap food and are the most prone to tooth decay (cavities). Dental Sealants

This comfortable procedure is very simple, painless, and does not require any anesthetic!  Here’s how it works…. After cleaning out the plaque in the deep grooves on your teeth – typically the back molars and premolars, we place a mild etchant on the tooth and then rinse that off to prepare the surface for bonding. A thin layer of a liquid resin material is then placed into those grooves and hardened with a curing light. The entire process only takes a few minutes, but the result is that bacteria won’t get into the grooves to start causing problems later.

Sealants are placed soon after the “permanent teeth” come in.  Sometimes, we even use sealants on adults because it is a great way to prevent cavities.  Dr. Zerivitz placed sealants on his own children’s teeth when they were young, and now are cavity-free adults with not a single filling in their mouths! 

Sealants are an important part of the prevention process for stopping tooth decay. In addition, fluoride treatments are sometimes offered to help strengthen the out layer of the teeth surface, making it more resistant to acids.

If you are in the Deltona, Florida area, call our office today to see if you or your children would be good candidates for dental sealants!