Dental Technology in Deltona, Fl

At our practice in Deltona, Florida, we believe that incorporating technology will help provide our patients with better quality care. Below are some of the advanced technology we currently utilize in our practice:

DIGITAL X-RAYS – With the use of digital x-rays, we are able to enlarge an area to take a closer look at it for any issues or concerns. In addition, if we wish to share your x-ray with one of the specialists we work closely with, this technology makes it easier for us. Dr. Zerivitz decided back in 2004 to adopt this technology as a way to improve the quality of our care, but also reduce the amount of radiation exposure by up to 85% to our patients.

MAGNIFICATION LOUPES – It is critical that we can see the area we are working with great detail. This is why Dr. Z has chosen to use magnification loupes that are like surgical microscopes with lights on them. Since the mouth tends to be a small enclosed space that is dark, being able to see clearly helps brighten and enlarge the area to create a better result for you!

DNA ANALYSIS – This technology allows Dr. Z to diagnose the specific bacteria that are causing a periodontal disease. By using a simple swab of the mouth, we can collect enough DNA sample that is then sent out for diagnosis. The DNA test results will show Dr. Z exactly which bacteria to target in order to decrease a gum infection quickly. The mouth is loaded with dozens of different strains of bacteria. Some of them are “healthy bacteria” and some of them are “bad bacteria”. Taking this simple DNA test will let us know how to rebalance the bacteria in your mouth to get it healthy quickly!

Dental Technology in Deltona, Florida

PERIOPROTECT® – Periodontal Disease is caused by (among other things) bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen. So, using the patented system created by PerioProtect® we are able to put oxygen directly into the gum tissue area and kill the bad bacteria. Many of our patients have stated that their mouths have never felt healthier after using this procedure.

STERILIZATION PROTOCOL – Dr Z is adamant about making sure everything in the office is clean and we adhere closely to and exceed the guidelines recommended for keeping our instruments sterile and clean. We incorporate a multi-step process that includes initial cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner. After they are washed off and dried, they are put into special bags and placed into a steam autoclave for final sterilization. We conduct monthly sterilization checks using special strips to ensure that our equipment is working correctly. The strips are sent to a monitoring company and validate the units are continually being maintained properly.

DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE – We use one of the more popular Dental Practice Management Software out there to help us “run” our practice. It is cloud-based and helps us track all your treatment, accounting and appointments.

TEXT MESSAGING COMMUNICATION SYSTEM – These days, everyone is busy and we recognize that. This is why we switched over to automated TEXT reminders and text messaging for our client’s convenience. It helps to confirm your appointments and communicate with our practice.

ADVANCED HEADACHE TREATMENT – Did you know your teeth can be the cause of your headaches? It’s true. Many times, tension headaches are related to clenching, grinding or having a “bite” that is “off”. Dr. Z has taken extensive training in treating chronic migraine headaches in as little as one to two sessions! No more, drugs, no more MRI’s or injections. We have many patients we have successfully treated for migraines, including Doctor Z’s wife Ody, who had suffered for years with migraines.

Why suffer anymore? Come in to have us take a look and see if we can help you as well!