Dentures and Partial Dentures in Deltona, Florida

Dentures and partial dentures are part of the services offered by Dr. Michael Zerivitz at Deltona Smiles in Deltona, FL. A denture is basically a replacement of your teeth with a removable prosthetic to offer esthetics, speech, lip and chewing support.

When you lose a tooth, it can be very traumatic. Dr. Zerivitz has assisted over 1,000 patients in the Volusia County area with receiving dentures. That kind of experience will give you the assurance that your denture will be the best it can be. Stability, esthetic, function, speech, and durability are some of the factors we look at when determining which type of denture is best for you. Whether it is a new denture or a replacement denture, Dr. Z has the experience needed to make sure your denture fits comfortably and stays in well. In addition to dentures, we can also provide you with implant-supported dentures to give you a significant improvement in stability and chewing strength.

When you receive a denture from our office, you will know that it wasn’t rushed in a two-step process throw together with cheap plastic. We use high-quality local labs that are highly skilled, along with designing the best shape of the teeth, color, and material to fit your specific needs. Some people will do better with porcelain teeth, some with plastic teeth, and some with a hybrid material.

When we craft your denture, you will know immediately that you are dealing with an experienced professional. We study the shape of your face, take photographs, take measurements, and do “try-ins” before we process the final teeth. This way, you have a say in how the teeth fit, look and feel in your mouth. Because Dr. Zerivitz is a Master Photographer, he understands contour, proportions, and lighting, so he can help you select teeth that will not only function well but also look very natural when you smile.

While we attempt to save your teeth as opposed to taking them out, there are certain conditions or situations where it simply makes more sense to offer dentures or implants as an option. When patients have certain medications that can dry out the mouth, or if their home care or physical ability to care for their teeth, or their diet simply seems to be continually destroying their teeth, it might make more sense to replace them with either dentures or implant-supported dentures. We’ve had some patients that due to radiation therapy or diabetes, come in with 3-5 new cavities each visit! In cases like this, instead of putting money into your mouth only to watch it deteriorate within a couple of years, implants or dentures can offer a long-lasting, lower-maintenance type of option.

Finally, patients that are addicted to highly acidic low-pH types of drinks teas, coffees, and colas in particular, as well as certain alcoholic beverages, sweets, or smoking may find that they tend to get cavities more frequently than others. Over the years, there are only so many times that a tooth can be filled before it either needs a root canal or a crown, or an extraction.

We have had patients that value their front smile, but let their back teeth deteriorate or be extracted. The long-term significance is that they will be putting more stress on their front teeth and will eventually lose those too if they don’t get chewing support in the back. In these cases, a partial denture might be a good option. This will give you back the support of your missing molars, so you can chew on those instead of on just the front teeth which are more for speech, cutting and tearing food, and esthetics!

What are some of the options for a denture or partial denture?

Both dentures and partial dentures are removable appliances. The good news is they can come out, making them easier to clean. The bad news is that some patients prefer having something more permanent in their mouth that feels more natural. That’s where the implant-supported dentures or implant-supported crowns come into play. Many of our patients love the fact these are sturdy and they can eat regular food without having to cut their food up into little pieces or blend their food anymore!

If you are “tired of dealing with your teeth’ and “ready to get them all out”, Dr Z has clients in Deltona, Fl, and the surrounding communities of DeBary, Orange City, DeLand. He has helped numerous patients switch over comfortably to teeth that will not get cavities, will not have pain, and you can stop the frustration of constantly needing dental work!

Because each case is so individual, we suggest coming in for a consultation to have Dr. Z give you a custom evaluation for your particular needs helping guide you to make the best decision for your oral health. Schedule your appointment today!