Diagnostic X-Rays in Deltona, Florida

You will be impressed with the attention to detail that Dr. Zerivitz takes during your Comprehensive Examination. Along with a complete X-Ray series, digital photographs and a personal interview, Dr. Z will have all the information needed to make an accurate diagnosis and prepare a Plan of Treatment that is personalized for you. If it’s OK with you, we will tell you the “best” treatment option for your mouth. Then, if you need alternatives, we can discuss that too.
We use digital x-rays because we have found that in addition to being more accurate and providing us with more detail than traditional x-rays, but we also know that it uses up to 90% less radiation in the process. There are other big advantages to using Digital x-rays. Can you imagine the “old-style” x-rays where the dentist had to squint to see those little x-ray films that were about the size of a big postage stamp? It is very difficult to see small cavities or early changes around your teeth. Today, we can enlarge your x-rays to a full-size large video monitor allowing Dr. Z to read your x-rays clearly and with much greater

X-Rays in Deltona, Florida

Another advantage is the ability to see changes over time. Our software lets us look at two x-rays that were taken years apart. Then, we can see any changes over time to help make better diagnostic decisions. There have been many times that today’s x-rays show a small cavity. Then, I’ll look back at x-rays taken a few years ago and see the same cavity. This tells me that the decay is not active, so no treatment necessary. In other cases, the old x-rays showed no decay, but the newest one showed a big cavity. In those situations, I look for other causes, like dry mouth caused by certain medications, CPAP breathing machine that can dry out the mouth at night, changes to diet, etc.

By taking accurate x-rays we are able to identify “things” early and hopefully help you avoid more costly issues in the future! Regular check-ups and cleanings are all part of maintaining optimal health.

As with any treatment we suggest, we will make sure you fully understand the need for treatment and offer alternatives. In addition, we will provide you financing options to make your treatment affordable.

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