Dental Extractions in Deltona, Fl

At our office, our primary objective is to help prevent you from losing your teeth. In some cases, however, it may become obvious that removing a tooth is the best option either because a tooth is abscessed or decayed beyond repair, or fractured below the gumline. One of the more common teeth to be extracted are the wisdom teeth or the third molars. This is because approximately 80% of the population doesn’t have enough room in their jaws to allow the tooth to come in at a proper angle, or when they do, because they are so far back there, they end up getting a cavity very easily.

Typically, most people can do quite well without their wisdom teeth, however, when you start losing two or more teeth in one quadrant of your mouth, the opposing arch will not have much to chew against and it can start to cause extra stresses on the opposite side of the mouth.

One of the major causes of needing to have a tooth extracted is due to extensive decay. If bacterial infection is left on its own, it can penetrate deeper into the tooth causing deep decay. Acidic foods and drinks can contribute to gumline decay which can penetrate the edge of the tooth near the gumline where the enamel is the thinnest and get into a tooth quickly. Gum line decay is more difficult to manage and can often weaken a tooth. Dental Extraction in Deltona, Florida

Trauma or cracked teeth from biting too hard on something can also cause a tooth to be damaged beyond repair requiring extraction. This is especially more common to teeth that have large old amalgam fillings in them that make up more than 50% of the tooth.

In some cases, if there is misalignment of the teeth or overcrowding to the point that orthodontics is needed to correct a bite, we may take out a small premolar tooth to make room for the teeth.

If the tooth you are losing is one of the front teeth, you will most likely want to get that tooth replaced with either a Bridge, a partial denture, or a dental implant. In any case, we commonly recommend having bone preservation grafts to maintain or augment the remaining ridge, so whichever route you go to replace that tooth in the future, you won’t have a bone defect and a narrow, shrunken ridge to have to restore. By preserving the height or augmenting the void caused by removing a tooth, using any of the various types of bone grafting materials available today, we can help to maintain the width and height of the original bone so there is enough structure to support either an implant or denture in the future. We can discuss these options at your visit.

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