At our practice, Deltona Smiles Dentistry in Florida, Dr. Michael Zerivitz doesn’t want money to come between your optimal health and what treatment you end up doing. When we present a treatment plan, we don’t care so much if it takes three months or three years, as long as we have a plan moving forward. What this means is that often, when we can do treatment in “quadrants” it’s less time-consuming for both of us, rather than spacing it out to two to three visits. How this benefits you is because since we find it more efficient doing larger chunks of treatment in an organized fashion, we are willing to offer our patients excellent financing options for payment.

In some cases, there are a couple options for treatment, but in others, there is the ideal and then the “less than ideal”. If we are willing to help you finance your care by “eating” the finance charges, it allows you to receive the quality care you deserve!

We have selected two high-quality companies to work with to give you financing options to those patients that wish to finance their care.

Some patients are able to borrow money from a family member or even take out a home equity line or tap into their savings when they really want the ideal care we suggest. But not everyone has those options available to them.

Therefore, we offer CareCredit and Lending USA as the two plans we will work with.

The only advice we give, is to make sure you make your payments to them on time. While the loan may be interest-free to you, they do require regular payments to avoid tacking on heavy service charges if you are late on your payments.

You may find that a co-signer can help you qualify. You can click on either of the two logos below to get started!

Please feel free to ask our friendly staff in advance if you have any questions, our team is here to help!

Don’t forget to ask us about our LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP CLUB for our patients who have no dental insurance! It’s a great way to save some money on your dental care.