New Patient Exam in Deltona, Florida

It’s normal to be a little nervous when going to the Dentist. Maybe you are very nervous?
We have heard that story thousands of times, so please do not think that you are the only person who suffers from “dental anxiety.” Dr. Michael Zerivitz, of Deltona Smiles Dentistry in Deltona, FL has deep experience with putting patients at ease.
Some people are afraid of what they are going to hear about their mouth from Dr. Z. Rest assured, it is probably not as bad as you imagine. Oh, and please try not to use those internet sites, like ___MD. They will make you crazy with all of the remote and rare diseases that “you could have.” You probably don’t!
Some patients worry that, “Doctor Z, you’ve never seen as mouth as bad as mine.” Believe us when we tell you that your mouth is definitely NOT the worse that we have seen!
Congratulate yourself that you have taken the first step. You are here! Put yourself in good hands, “Angel Hands”, and get ready to get healthy 🙂
Here are a few more paragraphs that describe our New Patient Experience:

New Patient Exam in Deltona Florida

A comprehensive dental check-up is as important as going in for regular medical office physicals.
In fact, more people visit their dentist regularly than they do their medical physician.
At our practice, our new patients are given a thorough examination which includes looking for cavities,
gum disease, a bite evaluation, oral cancer screening, and much more.
We will take any necessary x-rays to provide us with the necessary information to properly diagnose and give you a treatment plan that will help you stay optimally healthy.  In some instances, we will take some study models of your mouth and intra-oral photographs to help us
properly treatment plan the best treatment for you.


We always promise to provide a written treatment plan including all fees involved,
before we do any treatment. We don’t like surprises and we don’t think you deserve one either!
If a patient has an emergency problem, they would like treated, we can offer a limited
exam for them as well.
Come in to experience a new level of care and professionalism. We promise to treat you like family and always respect both your emotional as well as financial needs when putting together a treatment plan for you.
We consider our doctor an “oral physician” as he recognizes that the mouth is
connected to the rest of the body in more than just the pathway for food. Preventive
care and emergency care are always available as well. By implementing a thorough
initial exam, we can often prevent larger issues from developing in the future.
Our dental hygiene team is also here to help you with your maintenance program to
help you keep your smile bright!