Periodontal Care in Deltona Florida

Periodontal Care in Deltona, Florida

We consider your smile a piece of art! Your gums are the “frame” for your teeth. Proper care of the gum support tissues includes proper nutrition, proper home care and regular professional maintenance. If any of those three factors are missing, the gum health can deteriorate and this can lead to tooth loss.

In addition to cleanings, periodontal care includes making sure the height of the gums is esthetic, the bone support is intact and the gum tissue is not irritated. There are procedures and steps we can take to address any of those situations.

After you have your first diagnostic exam with us, we will determine if you are in the basic maintenance category of cleanings, or if you need a little more attention via either more in-depth professional cleaning procedures or oral medicaments to help improve the gums. 

Some of the conditions that might indicate you need more than “just a cleaning” include:

-bleeding gums
-loose teeth
-swollen tissue
-deep pockets around your teeth
-calcified tartar at the gumline
-bad breath
-receding gumlines

The gums are also called the “gingiva”. If they are swollen, it is called “gingivitis”. When it starts to go deeper and affect the bone support, it is referred to as “periodontal disease”. The goal is to identify this early and implement proper steps to reverse, halt, or slow down the progression to periodontal disease. As mentioned earlier, proper diagnosis is the first step to curing this common disease.

At our office, in addition to performing a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, Dr. Zerivitz will also do a complete periodontal examination. This includes measuring the “gum pockets”, checking for any swelling, bleeding lose teeth or recession. In some cases, we might even include a DNA Analysis of the saliva to determine which bacteria area in your mouth. Certain dangerous bacteria can be treated with targeted antibiotics and in conjunction with proper care and nutrition, we can often significantly improve the overall health of your gum tissues.

Periodontal disease, when left untreated will often lead to tooth loss and dentures. Using our non-surgical techniques, we can hopefully avoid this with more affordable and comfortable procedures.

Some of the other symptoms such as halitosis – or “bad breath”, can be helped significantly with doing a dietary evaluation in conjunction with periodontal care. In some cases, the diet is a factor, or certain foods, medications or medical conditions can also contribute to halitosis and gum disease. Therefore, it is critical to include a visit to the dentist to help identify the “root” causes of these symptoms.   

At Deltona Smiles Dentistry, we have seen tens of thousands of patients. We will NEVER embarrass you or reprimand you. We are here to offer you professional compassionate care to help you keep your teeth for life! Many of our patients in  Volusia County including the Deltona, Orange City, DeBary, DeLand, Lake Helen, Osteen, and Sanford areas appreciate the extra caring and trustworthy gentle care of Dr. Z.