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TOOTHACHE? Suffer No More with help from Dr. Z & Deltona Smiles Dentistry

Learn the most common symptoms and causes of a TOOTHACHE. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry gives details to understand and fix the problems that are causing your dental PAIN.


Partial Dentures are a good alternative to replace missing teeth for those people who cannot have implants or permanent bridges. Partials can replace many teeth all at once, and are much LESS EXPENSIVE than the alternatives. Dr. Michael Zerivitz, of Deltona Smiles Dentistry, explains how you can have a partial denture that looks good, fits without pain, and helps you chew you food properly.

Get the SMILE you DESERVE! "Dr. Z" of Deltona Smiles Dentistry shows you how and why....

Your SMILE is the FIRST thing that many people notice about you. Look at the covers of magazines... big beautiful smiles. You can have a winning smile: be more popular, get a better job, feel good about yourself... Dr. Michael Zerivitz from Deltona Smiles Dentistry tells how a great smile can affect your whole life!

Your HEADACHES can be caused by your TEETH!

Yes, your HEADACHES can be caused by your TEETH-- and most physicians are unable to diagnose it. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry explains and offers help.

Afraid of the DENTIST? How to overcome your fear, with Dr. Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry

Are you AFRAID of the DENTIST? There are millions of people like you. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry teaches was to overcome that fear.

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