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Comprehensive Exams and X-Rays
This is the basis for your diagnosis and treatment plan to solve your dental problems. With your permission, we'll present the “best way” to treat these problems. We'll also offer alternative treatments to fit your budget.
Toothaches are a miserable pain. The pain comes and goes… then it just gets worse and worse. We do our best to see you quickly. Call in the morning for the best chance for a same-day appointment.
Many of our patients attest to
Dr. Z's “Angel Hands” when they get an extraction.
Cleaning & Gum Disease
Most adults have gums disease. They suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath, pain, and loose teeth. Our gentle dental hygienists are experts at cleaning and non-surgical treatment.They emphasize prevention instead of treatment.
We use white composite fillings, without mercury, to give you a great look and treat cavities.
Dentures & Partials
We don't skip steps when we make dentures and partials, so that you will be able to wear your new teeth comfortably and enjoy eating again! Our dentures look incredibly real and you will approve the look and color before they are finished.
Replace Missing Teeth
You'll eat better and look great, with new teeth! We have three different ways to replace missing teeth:

- Permanent-style bridge
- Removable partial denture
- Implants
Crowns to Repair Broken Teeth
Our crowns are made locally so we can personally supervise the lab technicians. The latest Zirconia crowns look super-real and are very gentle to the gums. Dr. Z is a true artist at making crowns that look natural and feel right in your mouth.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry isn't just for celebrities! We are well known for amazing techniques in producing Hollywood smiles for our patients.We also have the latest tooth whitening systems!
Save Your Painful Tooth
If you have a toothache and want to save your tooth (highly recommended), we can help. Root canal treatment has come a long way - now it is high-tech, done in one visit, and usually pain-free. Really!
Headache & TMJ Relief
Many people suffer for years with headaches that are never properly diagnosed. Physicians just do not have the tools to recognize headaches that are caused by TEETH. We can help relieve headaches and jaw pain that cause so much suffering.
Patients of All Ages
We see patients from age 6 to 100 years. Between Dr. Z and Dr. Riano, we can relate to everyone!  Remember that dental needs change as we age, and we are experts in providing age-appropriate treatment.

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