Crowns to Repair Broken Teeth

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Crowns to Repair Broken Teeth

There’s a saying that goes: “Think globally, buy locally”. While this may be good advice for local business, it’s especially important for dentists designing and fitting dental crowns. At Deltona Smiles, we have our crowns manufactured locally, in order to keep the lab technicians under close surveillance.

And why do we need to keep such close tabs on their work? Because we care. These fittings are custom made according to your exact tooth shape and configuration. Moreover, they’re designed to be worn and used for years to come. Every day, chewing, clamping, grinding and biting any number of foods and other things. That’s the kind of work that calls for durable, long lasting crowns that won’t give out under pressure. Which is why it’s in our best interests to keep our operations local.

Crowns are placed in order to make teeth stronger. These tooth-shaped caps are placed over a tooth, restoring its shape and size to what it was before being damaged. Moreover, they help to restore its strength and appearance. Once properly installed, a dental crown can last for up to 50 years, with proper care and maintenance.

At Deltona Smiles, we use only the strongest, longest-lasting restoration pieces for a tooth with large fillings or a significant break. With the latest Zirconia crowns on-hand, we have access to some of the most realistic and gum-gentle caps anywhere on the market. And that’s before we even get to Dr. Zerivitz. A bona fide master at the art of crown design, his ability to turn out an exact replica of your tooth for capping is second-to none.

With so much in our corner, it’s hard to imagine any other dental office being able to offer you the same level of craftsmanship when it comes to your dental crowns. So why bother? Get in touch with Deltona Smiles, today, at (386) 574-5201, for the high-quality dental crowns you deserve.

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Dr. Z tells you the difference between a 'good dentist' and a GREAT Dentist. After decades in Deltona, and treating thousands of your neighbors and family members, Dr Michael Zerivitz is uniquely qualified to be YOUR next dentist. At Deltona Smiles Dentistry, you can meet "Dr. Z" and Dr. Riano, along with their wonderful Team. That's a move that you won't regret :)

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