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Dental extraction is one of the most common dental procedures there is. Removing everything from the visible part of the tooth and the crown down to the root, this operation makes use of special tools to lift and pull teeth from their sockets. In cases where teeth haven’t actually fully erupted may be surgically removed under general anaesthesia, for lowered discomfort and trauma. And, in both cases, the extracted tooth can be replaced, later on, with an implant or partial denture bridge.

Of course, it’s usually better to retain the original tooth, but in unavoidable cases where the tooth would do more harm than good, it can be unavoidable. Typically, teeth tend to be removed for one of four reasons:


Oral bacteria, found on all teeth, secret acids as part of their organic lifescycles. If left uncleaned, these acids erode the enamel on our teeth, leading to small cavities which, in turn, develop into cavities. Failure to treat these holes quickly can lead to massively weakened teeth.

Tooth Damage

When teeth are broken or cracked teeth in an accident, there’s often a lot a dentist can do to restore them with dental bonds or crowns. Sadly, however, in cases where the chip or crack extends into the tooth pulp, your dentist may not be able to repair the tooth.

Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess is an infection in the root and surrounding tissue in the root of a tooth. Dentists may perform root canals in these cases, in order to save the tooth, but this won’t always necessarily work. In cases of extensive root damage, it’s actually not recommended to leave them in the mouth.


Tooth extraction is also recommended, sometimes, when teeth are crowded or misaligned. In these cases, a dentist may extract multiple teeth and refer the patient to an orthodontist to have braces fitted. 

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