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Headache & TMJ Relief

Headaches are just one of those things we learn to accept as we grow older. Maybe you get a few minor ones a month. Maybe they’re worse than minor, and maybe they happen a few times a month. The fact is, however, that a headache that’s bad enough can be debilitating. And if you’re trying to treat yours by focusing on your head, you might be missing the real culprit: your teeth.

Tooth issues can and often do cause headaches ranging from minor all the way through to migraine. And they’re actually extremely common. In fact, many people the world over suffer from daily headaches without realizing they’re being caused by a tooth issue. An imbalance in the line of your teeth from, say, missing or shifted teeth can cause undue stress on your jaw muscles. This may go unnoticed for hours or even days, and will eventually manifest as a headache. 

Shifting teeth, orthodontic treatments, and missing teeth aren’t as easy to “just live with” as many people think. Once your jaw muscles go into spasm, it’s just a matter of time until headaches and migraines begin to form.

How do you know if your headaches are a sign of something wrong in your mouth? More than two or three headaches a week is too much, and could easily be a sign of an undiagnosed dental problem. If you see no changes, it’s worth your time to book a consultation with your dentist to see if your alignment is out.

Deltona Smiles’ own Dr. Zerivitz knows about occlusion (or bites) and can address the issue based on the true cause of your problem. Often, he can solve the problem in a single visit, with no injections and for relatively little expense. Call (386) 574-5201 or pay us a visit and let’s bring about real change for that headache, today!

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