Teeth Whitening in Deltona, Florida

Everyone deserves to have white teeth. One of the easiest procedures to get a great smile is through teeth whitening. Teeth Whitening in Deltona, Florida

  • Bright beautiful smile or dark, yellow teeth? Which would you rather have?
  • Smile for the world in your selfie photos or hide your teeth with that closed-lip smile?

At Deltona Smiles Dentistry, we offer three different options for our patients to achieve the bright radiant smiles that they deserve.  Here is a brief description of the three methods that Dr. Zerivitz may recommend, based upon your needs:

Teeth Whitening Options 

– If your teeth are yellowing due to coffee, smoking, and other habits, we can offer a basic system that is effective and less expensive. The GLO System uses generic mouth trays and a special light that activates the whitening gel (professional concentration, not available in stores).  This is a great system for patients under the age of thirty years. This procedure is completed in-office.

– Are you over the age of thirty years? When you look in the mirror, do your teeth look yellow, gray, and dingy?  Then Dr. Zerivitz in Deltona, FL has the solution for you!  We have a custom whitening system that you use in the privacy of your home.  Only two hours per day and within a few weeks you will see a big change.  Your selfie photos will show the difference and your confidence level will go up.  This is the same system that Dr. Zerivitz uses on his own teeth! This procedure is done at home.

– Are you over the age of forty years with severely stained and dark teeth? Have other dentists told you that your case is hopeless and you should get used to having an unattractive smile?  Then, the KOR Whitening System might be just what you need.  Invented by a dentist, this is the ultimate in power whitening.  We jump-start the whitening in the office and then use a special high-power whitening gel that is shipped to us in refrigerated containers to preserve the potency. This procedure is done in-office. Learn more here:  https://www.korwhitening.com/


Types of Stains that Teeth Whitening Can Help

– there are intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains that can cause the teeth to darken. The external surface stains – or extrinsic stains, are those caused by foods with pigmentation in them such as berries, red wine, tea, or coffee. Smoking can also contribute to these types of stains. Abrasive toothpastes were promoted to clean off these types of stains in the past, however, it was discovered that it also slowly eroded the outer whiter enamel layer of the tooth off when using these abrasive types of toothpastes. When used on occasion, they should be fine, but NOT as a regular dentifrice.

Intrinsic stains are a little tougher to address. They lie deeper inside the tooth and the peroxide bleaching gel needs to enter into the microscopic pores in the tooth to bleach the debris and oxide those stains. These are the types of stains that professional cleaning will not remove. They need to be bleached, or covered with a Porcelain Veneer to block out the dark color if it is intense enough. FOR whitening works well for these types of stains.

Tetracycline stains are an example of an intrinsic stain that causes the tooth to have a blueish-purple hue or streak inside the tooth. While whitening can lighten the effect, many times, we need to permanently cover the tooth with a veneer to masque it. Dr. Zerivitz himself had tetracycline medication given to him as a child and he understands the value of having a whiter smile.

Certain other medications such as antihistamines, blood pressure medications or even chemotherapy have been known to contribute to darker teeth. These can also dry out the mouth and case the teeth to stain externally as well.

Finally, Fluorosis is a condition where you could end up with either too much fluoride or too little fluoride being deposited during the development of the teeth causing either white or brown patches on the teeth. Sometimes, teeth whitening when combined with Tooth Bonding can correct this type of situation.

Another reason may turn darker is not as common. This is from thin enamel. The teeth can be worn down on the inside from either acidic drinks or stomach acids from bulimia, or more commonly, from heavy wearing of the lower teeth from grinding or clenching. When this happens, there is a dark shadow that can appear on the teeth. The outer layer of the tooth is the enamel. Typically, it is whiter than the inner layer of dentin, which tends to be more yellow-colored. Just as using an abrasive toothpaste can wear down the outer layer of the teeth, erosion and grinding on the inside can also make the tooth thinner and weaker as well. Teeth whitening may NOT be a solution in this case. It is more common to place a porcelain veneer or crown in these instances.  This is more common when people are missing their back molars and the front teeth start to take more of the chewing forces. In cases like this, Dr. Zerivitz may advise adding support in the back via dental implants or a partial denture for a more long-term stable solution to getting back a natural looking smile.

Lastly, trauma from an injury to the face (i.e. a sports injury or accident) which can disrupt the blood supply to the tooth causing it to turn a darker color. Also, having a Root Canal done on a tooth that removes the nerve and blood supply can cause a tooth to turn a dark grey color. While bleaching may help lighten the tooth, often, if the tooth is weakened, it may need a porcelain crown on it to support the tooth and provide an esthetic final result.

Lastly, genetic or hereditary conditions can contribute to discolored or misshaped teeth. These can either be whitened or treated with VeneersBonding, or Crowns.

Sometimes old fillings will stain. Composite fillings can pick up staining over time and typically it is best simply to replace them when the edges start to leak. Cosmetically, some older style crowns may have dark margins showing at the gumline and while they may not be able to be bleached, they can be replaced.

Dr. Michael Zerivitz at Deltona Smiles Dentistry is proud to serve the local communities of Volusia CountyDeltona, DeBary, and Orange City.  He has provided teeth whitening solutions for over 30 years to his satisfied patients.

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