TMJ and Headaches

Did you know that your teeth can cause headaches? That’s right many people who are chronic headaches sufferers or migraine sufferers are unaware that the problem might be in their mouth and not in their head!

Let me explain. Let’s say you had a shoe that was all worn down and the other foot had a shoe on it that had a nice heel on it. Well, you walk all day, and you’re going to get an imbalance and the muscles of your back are going to be in spasm from the imbalance between your feet. Well the same thing can happen in your mouth if you have an imbalance with your teeth from missing teeth or orthodontic treatment or shifting teeth.

Well the same thing can happen – there are muscles that control the function of your jaw and if these muscles go into spasm it crunches your head and you end up with chronic headaches. So, if you are a migraine sufferer or you wake up with headaches or headaches develop throughout the day more than two or three times a week you may have a dental problem that is much easier to treat you know! The physicians, they’re stuck; all they can do is give you prescriptions. But, a knowledgeable dentist, who is familiar with occlusion or your bite, can solve this problem. Many times, in just one visit with no injections, and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning without headaches and go through life without having to have pills that you take to get rid of that chronic pain?  Well, with a proper diagnosis, this may well be possible for you. Please give us a call today at 386-574-5201 for an examination appointment to find out your options for taking care of TMJ headaches.