TMJ and Headaches

Do you have headaches more than once or twice per month? It could be caused by your teeth!

Do you have headaches that hurt your temples, the top or sides of your head? It could be caused by your teeth!

Do you have headaches and clench or grind your teeth? Have you had orthodontic treatment in the past? Have you had MRI’s that showed nothing? Has your physician prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxants, or migraine medicine and nothing really fixes the problem? These symptoms could be caused by your teeth!

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning without headaches and go through life without having to have pills that you take to get rid of that chronic pain? Well, with a proper diagnosis and fairly simple treatment, this may well be possible for you.

Let’s learn more about the potential cause of headaches due to muscular imbalances and not by any structural problems in your head.

Let me explain. Let’s say you had an old worn-out shoe on one foot and the other foot had a new shoe that had a nice heel on it. When you walk all day, you’re going to be off-balance and the muscles of your back are going to go into muscle spasm. Well, the same thing can happen in your mouth if you have an imbalance with your teeth. When you have a spasm or tightness in the jaw muscles, those same muscles can squeeze your head like a giant pair of vice-grip pliers. No wonder your head hurts! That is a source of chronic headaches and few physicians and many dentists are completely unaware of the headache and teeth connection.

If you are a migraine sufferer, or you wake up with headaches more than two or three times a month you might have a dental problem. Fortunately, this is easier to treat than a problem inside your skull. The physicians, they’re stuck; all they can do is give you prescriptions. But, a knowledgeable dentist, like Dr. Zerivitz at Deltona Smiles Dentistry in Deltona, FL who is familiar with occlusion (your bite), can solve this problem– or at least reduce the intensity or frequency of your pain.

When your teeth are unbalanced it can cause TMJ problems. The temporo-mandibular joint is a delicately balanced joint, unlike the other joints in your body, and trauma from an accident or a bite that is off can often be the cause of these pains.

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