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TOOTHACHE? Suffer No More with help from Dr. Z & Deltona Smiles Dentistry

Learn the most common symptoms and causes of a TOOTHACHE. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry gives details to understand and fix the problems that are causing your dental PAIN.


Partial Dentures are a good alternative to replace missing teeth for those people who cannot have implants or permanent bridges. Partials can replace many teeth all at once, and are much LESS EXPENSIVE than the alternatives. Dr. Michael Zerivitz, of Deltona Smiles Dentistry, explains how you can have a partial denture that looks good, fits without pain, and helps you chew you food properly.

Get the SMILE you DESERVE! "Dr. Z" of Deltona Smiles Dentistry shows you how and why....

Your SMILE is the FIRST thing that many people notice about you. Look at the covers of magazines... big beautiful smiles. You can have a winning smile: be more popular, get a better job, feel good about yourself... Dr. Michael Zerivitz from Deltona Smiles Dentistry tells how a great smile can affect your whole life!

Your HEADACHES can be caused by your TEETH!

Yes, your HEADACHES can be caused by your TEETH-- and most physicians are unable to diagnose it. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry explains and offers help.

Afraid of the DENTIST? How to overcome your fear, with Dr. Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry

Are you AFRAID of the DENTIST? There are millions of people like you. Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles Dentistry teaches was to overcome that fear.


Tired of being (mis)treated at a big dental clinic? These Dentists really care about YOU

Bill tells his story about his life-changing experience with Dr. Z at Deltona Smiles Dentistry. Bill had dental problems, but he just avoided the Dentist because of Fear... he did not want to be "just another mouth" at a big corporate dental clinic. After meeting Dr. Z, he is a new man, with a new appreciation for great dental care! If Bill's story sounds like yours, try Deltona Smiles Dentistry-- for a different kind of experience.

This Dentist tries to SAVE me MONEY!

Cesar learned that we aware of the cost of good dentistry and try everything to help our patients get the best value for their money. Good dental care can last for decades, so we always tell our patients the "best" treatment. But we also realize that people have budgets. So, we offer less expensive alternatives and try to find ways to help our patients save money. Combine that with interest free-payment plans and you have a great way to afford the dentistry that you really need.

No Pain at Deltona Smiles Dentistry! "I felt like "family..."

Fear of Pain is the #1 reason that people avoid going to a Dentist. Memories of a bad childhood experience linger into adulthood and can affect your dental health for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there is help. Dr. Z is an expert in providing a calm dental office and a pain-free experience. Yes, it can be hard to trust a new dentist, especially if you have had a bad experience. But give these doctors a try and you'll be glad that you did! Listen to Silvie and you'll hear about what is possible for you, too.

I'm so HAPPY! A patient of Dr. Z tells about her experience

Listen to this lovely lady tell about her personal journey from hating her teeth to loving her new smile. Never underestimate the power of a new smile to change your outlook on life, how others react to you, and to improve your health! Dr. Michael Zerivitz, of Deltona Smiles Dentistry can help you, too....

"Now, I can eat an APPLE !" When you can EAT, your life is so much better....

Eating can be a pleasure again, when you have teeth that FIT PROPERLY, CHEW FOOD, and LOOK GOOD. Making a Partial Denture that functions and does not hurt is an Art. Dr. Michael Zerivitz, of Deltona Smiles Dentistry, explains the process and tell why your partial denture might be hurting. You will learn how Dr Z, at Deltona Smiles Dentistry, makes partial dentures that actually fit, feel good, and let you chew properly.

His Mom sent him to Dr. Z

You don't send your son to a Dentist unless you can TRUST that he will be safe and have a good experience. Thomas was referred to Dr. Zerivitz at Deltona Smiles Dentistry, and everyone was happy with the result :) You can trust Dr. Z to take excellent care of you, too.....

A CLOWN at the DENTIST? Yes! Hear how this clown experienced Deltona Smiles Dentistry.

Gene-Oh is a clown for the Shriner's Circus and enjoys entertaining children and fund-raising for the good work of that wonderful organization. Here, he tells about his experiences with Dr. Z at Deltona Smiles Dentistry. So, stop "clowning around." Go see Dr. Z at Deltona Smiles Dentistry. Tell them "Boo-Boo" sent you :)

Why I gave a 5-STAR REVIEW to this Dentist in Deltona, FL

Who gives a 5-Star Review to a DENTIST? Well, if you have been a patient of Dr Z for many years, you would too :) Hear this brief testimonial from a long-time patient....

Dr. Z

A GREAT DENTIST must also be an ARTIST - Dr. Michael Zerivitz

Dr. Z tells you the difference between a 'good dentist' and a GREAT Dentist. After decades in Deltona, and treating thousands of your neighbors and family members, Dr Michael Zerivitz is uniquely qualified to be YOUR next dentist. At Deltona Smiles Dentistry, you can meet "Dr. Z" along with our wonderful Team. That's a move that you won't regret :)

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