Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Deltona, Fl

Wisdom teeth extractions are the most common oral surgery procedure. Especially if you are in the 17-23-year-old range, that is like a right of passage into adulthood, having your wisdom teeth pulled.  Dr. Michael Zerivitz of Deltona Smiles in Deltona, Fl has done his share of extractions over the past thirty years. His calming professional demeanor and gentle hands make having oral surgery something you don’t need to fear. If you need to have your wisdom teeth – also known as third molars – removed, then be sure to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

For the majority of people, the wisdom teeth begin to erupt late in the teenage years. They often erupt either at an angle or not at all and therefore are subject to infection, or to creating potential problems for the more important second molar in front of them. Only a small percentage of the population doesn’t need to have their wisdom teeth out because they have a large enough jaw space and the tooth comes in at the proper angle.

Removal of wisdom teeth doesn’t have to be a scary process. There are several things both the patient and the dentist can do in advance to make sure you have the quickest healing and minimize the risk of infection or swelling. If you wait until the infection has gotten to the point of infection, often it may be better to wait and clear up the infection with antibiotics before going in and trying to numb an area. Dr. Z is knowledgeable in the area of oral surgery and understands the importance of making sure your overall health is in good shape prior to doing any dental work.


What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out? If your dentist recommends to have your wisdom teeth pulled but you leave them in, you run the risk of infection, decay. If there isn’t enough room in your mouth for them you could end up with overcrowding which could lead to having crooked teeth.

When is the best time to have wisdom teeth removed? Typically, after age 16 is when people start considering having their wisdom teeth removed. Prior to that, they are still developing and are not fully erupted or formed.

Is it normal to wait until the wisdom teeth hurt before you have them take out? While most people aren’t looking forward to having their wisdom teeth out, waiting until they hurt, is not always a good idea. They can get decayed or cause infection in the bone affecting the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth. If is good to have them evaluated using either a panoramic x-ray or a 3D conebeam x-ray to evaluate their progress.

If you need oral surgery in the Deltona, Lake Monroe or DeBary area, then give Dr. Michael Zerivitz, a call today!